Palman Tuhan ma Bahasa Sinama

Scripture Applications (Cell Phone, Computer)

The scriptures in Sinama are now easily available for use on electronic devices. Some advantages of using the electronic versions are:

  • Finding a scripture passage is often faster.
  • You can search for all verses using a specific Sinama word e.g. try searching for love, heaven, Al-masi, Ibrahim
  • You can share verses through text message, Facebook, or e-mail.
  • You can copy & paste text directly from the scripture to be used in songs, gatherings of believers, and scripture study.
  • Carry the scripture with you on your device throughout the day.
  • Pass the scriptures to your family and friends.
  • It's FREE!

Recommended programs to use with the file Sinama_Scriptures _(Sword_Module).zip

  1. Computer
  2. Android Phone
    • Kitab Android App (Download Above)
  3. Apple iOS